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Learning spanish,

Learning spanish,

Keep in mind the auxiliary verb do in Englis is not translated. In Spanish, an auxiliary verb is not needed to ask a question.

Often the context or words surrounding a verb help pin down information about the time the action takes place.  The following are some expressions of time used frequently to refer to action that take place customarily in the present:


al mediodía                       at noon

de vez en cuando              from time to time

el lunes, el martes, etc.     on Monday, on Tuesday, etc.

esta semana                      this week

este mes                           this month

hoy                                  today

los lunes, los martes, etc.    on Mondays, on Tuesdays, etc

nunca                                never

por la mañana                     in the morning or this morning

por la noche                      in the evening or at night

por la tarde                        in the afternoon

siempre                              always

todos los días                      everyday