Study programs at our Spanish School

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Study Programs

At Academia de Español Continental, we offer One-on-One lessons to learn Spanish. You can come to study with us for just an hour or for months if you like! Besides these one-on-one lessons, we also offer several fun and instructive study programs where you can for example study Spanish with somebody or travel through Guatemala while studying. We also offer academic programs. Here below we give you an overview of our programs.

–    Partner Study – study Spanish together with you travel companion!
–    Parent and Child – study Spanish together with your child!
–    Total Immersion – for two weeks, five days a week, eight hours a day, give it your all!
–    Fun and Study – morning lessons, afternoon excursions and weekend travel!
–    All-inclusive – create your own Fun and Study program by choosing where to go!
–    Group Lessons for volunteers – helpful lessons for a minimum of three volunteers!
–    Learn and Help – study Spanish combined with part-time volunteering!
–    Ready to Help – study Spanish for two weeks to then be ready to volunteer full-time!
–    Academic Semester – Fifteen weeks of in total 300 hours of Spanish, academic credits available!
–    Academic Summer – the Academic Semester, but for eight weeks in total!
–    Teach and Learn – Receive extra Spanish lessons if you teach our teachers English!
–    Skype Lessons – You go back home, but are not done studying Spanish with your favorite teacher!

  DELE Exam Preparation – We help you in your preparation in your DELE exam, based on the level you want to apply.


Partner Study
The Partner Study program is for traveling companions who wish to study together. You will have lessons together with the same teacher. It has the same flexibility in hours as studying one-on-one, so you can choose whenever you would like to study. 


Spanish language

Parent and Child

Parent and Child
The Parent and Child program is for those who wish to learn Spanish with their children. This weekly program includes four hours of study per day for both child and parent; three hours are spent One-on-One with your own teacher and one hour is devoted to learning together. Also, three times per week after the lessons, a teacher accompanies the parent and child on cultural activities. Optionally also both parents can study together with one or more children. For more options to study together with your children, please inform us about your wishes and we will provide you with a customer-made program. If desired, childcare is available for an additional fee.





Studying Spanish

Total Immersion

Total Immersion
The Total Immersion program is made for those who want to learn as much Spanish as possible in a short period of time. It is a two-week program with eight hours of study, five days a week. You will have two different teachers, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. To keep the lessons interactive, your teacher will accompany you to various places in and around Antigua to allow you to practice your Spanish. It will also keep your lessons fun and entertaining. The program is great for beginners that quickly want to learn the basics or if you are planning to volunteer or travel for a longer period of time in Spanish speaking countries. It is also for those who already have knowledge of the language, but who want to quickly advance to the next level.


Fun and Study at Continental Spanish Academy

Fun and Study at Continental Spanish School

Fun and Study
The Fun and Study program is for those looking for a combination of getting to know Antigua and Guatemala and studying Spanish. Five days a week, you will have three hours of lessons in the mornings at our school. In the afternoons, you will have private tours in Antigua together with a teacher. You can choose to visit for example a coffee plantation, nearby villages, museums and/or ruins. On Saturday you will make a day trip to another place in Guatemala, for example Chichicastenango, Guatemala City, or Lago de Atitlan. In total, you will have 30 contact hours a week with a teacher to study and practice your Spanish while enjoying Antigua and Guatemala. If you would like to come for more than one week, we make sure each week you visit different exciting places.




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All inclusive

This program is comparable to the Fun and Study Program, only this program is more flexible. For a fixed price we completely tailor a program to your wishes. We take care of you from the moment you arrive at the airport until the moment you are leaving Guatemala again. During the week you can choose to study between two and four hours of Spanish lesson in the mornings and in the afternoons we organize private tours for you to destinations of your choice within and near Antigua. On the weekends (including Fridays if desired) you can travel to places in Guatemala a bit further away from Antigua such as Monterrico, Chichicastenango or Lago de Atitlán (one day). Other destinations within Guatemala are possible as well with an extra payment. You tell us where you want to go and each week the Activity Director will arrange exciting weekend trips for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your dream itinerary!


Group instructions Academic at Continental Spanish Academy Antigua Guatemala

Group instructions – Continental Spanish School

Group Lessons for Volunteers
Academia de Español Continental offers special group rates for volunteers to study Spanish together. A minimum of three students is required. If desired, the teacher can teach the volunteers the terminology needed for a specific kind of volunteer work. The hours of study are flexible and can just be adjusted to match the hours working as volunteer. For a small surcharge also lessons are available in the evenings and on the weekends.




picture of Volunteer opportunities Continental Spanish Academy Antigua Guatemala

Learn and Help program

Learn and Help

The Learn and Help program is for those who want to learn Spanish and volunteer in a social project at the same time. You will have four hours of lessons per day, five days a week. The lessons can take place in the morning or afternoon. The other half of the day you will volunteer in one of the numerous social projects in or close to Antigua. Volunteer activities include playing with neglected and orphaned children, teaching at public and project schools, visiting or caring for patients in hospitals or hospices, help construct houses or working in adult education organizations. Of course we can also help you find a social project that match your study in your home country.





Learn and Help program

Learn and Help program

Ready to Help
The Ready to Help program is also a volunteer program. Only in this program you do not combine studying and volunteering at the same time, but you first prepare yourself with Spanish lessons to then after volunteer full-time. The program first gives you two weeks of Spanish lessons, eight hours a day, five days a week. During these two weeks the volunteer lives with a Guatemalan host family to improve its spoken Spanish and get used to the Guatemalan culture. After these two weeks, the volunteer acclimatized and has a solid base to start volunteering fulltime. If desired they can change accommodation at this time to a private room within our school to be able to meet other students and volunteers.


The summer program is similar to the semester study-Continental Spanish Academy

Academic Semester

Academic Semester
Specifically created for students in college or university, however available for everybody, is the Academic Semester program. The program lasts fifteen weeks and include four hours of afternoon lessons from Monday through Friday. At the completion of the program, students have received 300 hours of Spanish lessons.

Besides individual lessons, we also offer the Academic Semester program to groups when they are beginners. The group lessons start in the beginning of September and in mid-February. Individuals can choose to begin whenever desired and can request custom-made lessons in subjects such as Legal Terminology Spanish, Medical Spanish, Latin American Literature, Mayan Studies, etc.

Halfway through the semester, students can choose to take an exam for academic credits through special arrangements with Academia de Español Continental and Universidad Rural in Guatemala City. The requirements to receive academic credits are:
–          Receipt of a minimum of 50 hours of lessons with Academia de Español Continental
–          Recognition of the academic credits from Universidad Rural by the student’s college or university at home
–          Application for a minimum of two academic credits at Universidad Rural
–          Payment for the exam and consultation at Universidad Rural
–          Successful completion of the exam at Universidad Rural

For more information about the option to receive academic credits, please feel free to contact us.

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Acadenuc Summer

Academic Summer
The Academic Summer program is similar to the Academic Semester program (see here above), with the only exception that the summer program lasts eight weeks instead of fifteen weeks. This program is popular with Spanish teachers to revive their Spanish over the summer or with college students looking for academic credits in the summer, while enjoying a great experience in Guatemala.




Continental Spanish School

Teach and Learn Program

Teach and Learn
The Teach and Learn program is made for students that study Spanish for at least twenty hours a week with us and would like to earn a few more free classes. In your spare time, we ask you to provide an exchange of conversation lessons between you and your teacher in English (or another language!). In this way our teachers can improve their English and you receive up to two hours of extra lessons per week for free! All students may participate in the Teach and Learn program and no experience teaching your language is required.



 lessons via Skype are also available Continental Spanish AcademySkype Lessons
Because many of our students wish to continue studying Spanish with one of our great teachers at Academia de Español Continental, we offer lessons via Skype. Choosing this option allows the student to continue learning Spanish with their own teacher at the exact level where they left off in their face-to-face lessons in Antigua. Regardless of the time differences that there might be between Guatemala and your home country, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

DELE Exam Preparation



We help you in your preparation in your DELE exam, based on the level you want to apply. The preparation can be from Level A1 to C2, we have professional teachers who will help you teach you everything you need to pass your DELE exam, based on European Common Framework.

For an indication of the prices for each above program, you can have a look here. For any price related questions or for an informal price offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at: