Guatemala has many famous legends; one of them is “EL SOMBRERON” (the big hat ) which takes place in Antigua Guatemala. It is about a mythological character ; a tiny man wearing black clothes, black leather boots and a huge black completely covers his head. The only things on him that sparkle in the darkness are his big silver belt and the silver spurs on his boots.

He us attracted to the mot beautiful girls in town with alluring long hair. When he sees one, he follows her home al night, take out his silver guitar and sings the prettiest and most romantic songs to her underneath her balcony. His sweet voice makes the girl fall in love with him, but what actually happens is that a spell is cast on her. She can not stop thinking about him; she waits all day for the night comes so he will sing to her again, she can not eat or sleep anymore and eventually she gets high fever leading to death . When she dies “EL SOMBRERON” is inconsolable. He cries thick tears while singing sad songs.

There is only one possible cure. Within the first few days of the spell, the girl`s parents must cut off her hair, take her to church and ask the priest to sprinkle her head with holy water and to pray for her.  The spell is then broken and  as of that moment “El Sombreron” leaves her alone. His specter however still appears on the nights of a full moon, so beware beautiful girls with long hair!

El Sombreron